#BBNaija:The FRODSTERS; Is Frodd in Trouble?🤔

Ok! So This morning, Esther was on the bed writing in her jotter. Frodd jumped on the bed and tried to peep. She moved away and climbed out of bed to the dinning area to complete her writing. Moments later, Esther is giving Frodd a massage. He had body aches from the monkey bars he did the previous day

(As it happened) After the massage, Frodd Tells Esther he’ll be sleeping naked under the sheets tonight. Esther warns him not to as she’ll drag the duvet off him and expose his nakedness to the world. They both joked and laughed over this

After Lights out, Esther and Frodd are in bed… Esther suddenly realized that Frodd had pulled his shorts down. She orders him to get out of her bed or pull his shorts up! She starts pulling off the duvet and kicking him off the bed. For a moment, a glimpse of his bare butt was seen confirming that he did pull off his shorts. Both laughing and struggling, Esther kicks him off the bed just as he pulled up his shorts.

They kept playing roughly, laughing, fighting for duvet etc. At some point Esther started feeling frustrated as she just wanted to sleep. Her voice picks a serious tone as she quietly tells Frodd she wasn’t really enjoying their play. Frodd immediately complied and let her be, only to continue pestering her moments later

They continued like this for another 10mins, playing and throwing banters like they sometimes do. As they finally seem to settle peacefully, Frodd starts moving closer to Esther, adjusting the duvet as if to tuck her in properly and cover her body. Esther wasn’t comfortable with the close body contact and tells him FiRMLY to move away from her. She repeated it firmly until he complied. Shortly after, Frodd was called to the Diary Room. Moments later, Frodd is seen climbing into his own bed in his room.

It is not clear why he was called to the Diary Room … we’ll just have to be riddled with our curiosities

See Video Clip

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